Wednesday, April 9

Nutrition: Slept too late for proper breakfast, dang. But at least I had time for coffee, because there is simply no time for no coffee!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 85% quality. Up at 4a to let Hank (& Lexi) out, back up 10-15 minutes later to let them in, debated staying up but was pretty tired. Figured I'd just doze for a while, at 430a I nearly got up, but I actually fell back asleep. Which meant the alarm woke me and I was not pleased. Blargh.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good. Ankle a little upset during the run but came & went, and didn't really get worse. Compression socks afterward. Chatted with Monica about her wanting to do the 50k this fall, before she turns 40...and I might have told her I could be talked into doing it with her! Mostly because then we would train together, and that would be delightful! After work, went for a quick walk and did yoga with Holea. It was the bestest.

Fun & Play: Our Boston article is out and it quotes the crap out of me! I feel like a celebrity all over again. Plotting walk to run stuff both at TS and out in the community, and am so excited I could bounce all day. Plotting a Saturday run with a group of women, an hour later than the early birds and thus much better, AND may be able to follow it up with a breakfast date or two at Trav's.

Natural Environment: Lexi and I played fetch, Hank played chase Lexi, and I confirmed there is no snow left in our yard. SO HAPPY. Approximately two hours outside today, in sunny incredible perfect spring weather, and simply couldn't be more thrilled.

Temperance: My first thought at the Boston picture was: "Hey, I look good." GOLD STAR for my usually-insanely-overly-critical brain!

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