Wednesday, April 23

Nutrition: Lots of tasty fats today, including a slice of side pork straight off the smoker at Dad's shop. Super nom!

Sleep: 10 hours in bed, 10p-8a, no sleep app but judging it at 70% or so. Woke often, up at 230a to let out both dogs; hit water, bathroom, Larabar since I was up. Hubs got up to let dogs out at 430a. Then his alarm started going off and being snoozed 530-6, but he didn't actually get up til 630. Super UGH.

Healthy Movement: Low back good again. Slightly tight Achilles, but all muscles and joints feel quite normal. Amazing! Had a lovely session, felt like I could have done tons more. Enjoyed yoga with Holea. Great energy levels, downright phenom when considering Monday & the poor sleep.

Fun & Play: PTO day to sleep in, cuddle critters, get unpacked, run errands, fetch Pepe. Session. Hanging with Holea. Hanging with the hubs.

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