Wednesday, April 2

Nutrition: Oddly hungry today despite, shall we say, "robust" eating.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 90% quality. Solid other than another 330a wake-up from Clyde. Jerk! Woke to Hanky rather than the alarm, was hovering at doze anyway.

Healthy Movement: Ankle is a lot better. In class warm-up, discovered forward lunges hurt, reverse do not. Didn't do it long enough to tell whether it was the deceleration of the lunge or the push-off, just immediately stopped. Left shoulder slightly worse than yesterday. Remembered to do some chins after class, two sets of 7, significantly harder than the same on Monday. Why?? Logged a lunch run that felt decent, which was nice, and it barely bothered the ankle, which was AWESOME. Stretched (tight) calves and (okay) chest afterward. Had an invite to walk with Holea & Mitzi, but my feet were oddly puffy all afternoon. No fresh pain, but I played safe, declined and settled for yoga instead. And that was lovely, Mitzi joined us, what fun!

Fun & Play: Sunshine. A highly productive workday for my team (less for me, damn). Another batch of deer in my backyard, including a tiny little fellow.

Temperance: I had the most geniusest idea ever for race-day motivation. And when I went to add it to my Boston Inspiration file (last updated a year ago), I read through the amazing things people told me, the kind and generous words that I took with me to Boston. It was flat-out beautiful, and it brought tears to my eyes. I had to skim some at a VERY high level to keep from bawling at my desk.

I have THE BEST people in the whole wide world. I do.

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