Wednesday, April 16

Nutrition: Solid, easy. Starting to chomp up the salty carbs already, NOM NOM NOM. Also got a grapefruit given to me, direct from a coworker's parents' tree in Texas. Shared it with my Buddy, and 'twas delicious!

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 85% quality. Dozing a bit in the early AM, otherwise nice & solid.

Healthy Movement: Feeling good, bit of low back blah but I was very conscious of NOT standing dumb and that helped. Snowstorm meant no run outside, lest this be the one I finally biff it and smash myself into pieces. Debated the treadmill, but given how much I hate it AND how often it's bothered me, it just plain didn't feel worth it. So I rested like a champion. Would've done yoga with Holea but she is a sad li'l sicko this week. Started my packing instead.

Fun & Play: Productivity! Lunch AND break time with mah buddy. Made plans to second-breakfast with Holea tomorrow. Great packing progress.

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