Tuesday, April 22

Nutrition: Finally back into normal hunger range, which was surprising today, given the short sleep.

Sleep: 6 hours in bed, 915p-315a, 58% quality. Woke at midnight for bathroom, took a while to fall back. Very tired but coping. Got to nap in my own bed, gloriously so, 2-430p.

Healthy Movement: Feeling a lot better than expected. Walking is okay. Bending over isn't so much. Little bit of low-back tightness, but not the sharp deal I frequently get; it actually feels bruised, oddly. Headachey in the AM until I got coffee in me. Sunburn is really the worst of my problems. Ankle feels exactly the same as it has for past few weeks. What the? Wore new Bad Ass compression socks. Couldn't wear Vibrams as my feet are still quite fat. Kind of amazing I came out as well as I did. But that's the walk/run combo right there. I even hit up Holea for a Mitzi walk, and felt like I even could have logged a run. Hot damn! 

Fun & Play: Great seatmate en route to Chicago. He has run Boston 26 times including the last 20 straight. Had pics from a game preserve in Africa that were simple incredible, lions walking right next to them. Easy second flight, easy drive back. Pepe isn't finished but I got to talk to my papa and take his ride. Making plans for tomorrow's TV interview. My cuddly critters! Napping in my own bed. A walk with Holea. Carrying my 34-lb cat litter on my shoulder through Target without struggle, the day after running the Boston Marathon. Feeling like running is enjoyable again, looking forward to green spring trails and green newbies!

My people. I can't believe how many people were tracking me & the group yesterday. Amazing to imagine them all caring so much, I don't feel remotely deserving. And yet it also reminds me how much we focus on the destination, when actually the journey is where all the support is truly needed. If I'd had 200 people liking my 18-miler on the treadmill in February, or a million spectators lining the streets of Alex as my spikes took me up and down those icy roads, it sure would have made all of my training easier and enjoyable.

Still, even if they were "late" in a sense, I received so many wonderful words of support that I won't discount; I deeply appreciate every single one. If I inspired any of those people to tackle some BHAG of their own, or even inspired one single person to take a walk around the block, then I'm beyond thrilled. Beyond.

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