Tuesday, April 8

Nutrition: Now that I have no long runs for two weeks, there is a little voice in my head that keeps suggesting going low-cal for a while to drop some o' those unwanted ell bees. However, there is a louder, smarter, Dustin-toned voice that smartly tells her to shut the fuck up. Dieting is a stress that neither brain nor body need at this point in time. Go ahead & be dumb in two weeks, but be smart now.

Acne: Despite the giant influx of carbs both Friday & Saturday, 350-ish grams, approximately double my usual intake, my face has not freaked out like I expected it to do. A few little blemishes, but not the massive awful cysts I anticipated. Nice! A pleasant surprise, but...it doesn't help me pinpoint what IS the cause.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 915p-6a, 85% quality. In late due to sick hubs (so I had to let Hank out but he was a wandering jerk), wide awake at 230a to a whining Hank, yet so thoroughly tired I couldn't get up (Hop took his turn), and woke to Hank tromping in/out at about 545a. No idea what Hank's problem was, but that 230a thing better not be a new trend! Felt more rested than the night would indicate, but definitely not the quality I want/need. 

Healthy Movement: Didn't even think about my ankle until I started typing this post. Yeah! It's still there, but feeling much improved. Had a fabulous session, except when I got into trouble with Dustin over my tire flips. I was totally not expecting that, because man, what I WANTED to be doing was so much more than that, I felt like I was being extremely conservative to limit myself to the tire! Argh. Very frustrated that I can do so little compared to others. 

Left side of neck/upper back tightened up a little after session, blaming the FG hang testing, despite being very tentative & light. Delicate. Fucking. Flower.

Fun & Play: Put in a price alert on NZ flights in December. Super expensive ($2500) but hey, doesn't hurt to track. Enthusiastic chatting with Brett on the possibilities around starting a community walk-to-run coaching program. Eep! Time with my Emmers at a KITC event. 

Natural Environment: I can't tell you how much it means to me, being able to spend time outside again. I can play fetch in the yard, I can plot trail outings (starting in two weeks), the dog park visits will soon resume, all of it warms my soul. I am a child of the earth, and winter takes all of that bliss away from me. Thank bejesus for Spring. 

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