Tuesday, April 29

Nutrition: Crap, I'm outta Larabars. I shall soon be eating straight coconut butter to get my calories. I guess there are worse things...
Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 945p-545a, 84% quality. Had to get up and let Lexi out at 330a, blargh.
Healthy Movement: Feeling good other than sore lats. Wondering if the left shoulder is mainly about me sleeping on it most of the night. May need to flip our mattress? Fantastic session. Sweaty Prowler deliciousness.
Fun & Play: Great progress on the walk-to-run plans, tons of interest, makes me so very happy. Session, including making Dustin throw his hands in the air when I told him that I did not flip my tire after all the whining to do it pre-Boston. Poor guy can't win! Productive work day. Bailed a little early to pick up the hubs in Sauk, so a little bonus time with him. Plus knocked out a Fallon with my "lap dog" squishing my lungs. I is a happy girl.

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