Tuesday, April 15

Nutrition: A slow-moving breakfast since I was up so early. Lovely.
Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 915p-430a, 76% quality. I think that's due to the low quantity. Quality was absolutely solid until 4a, when I woke and couldn't fall back thanks to a snoring hubs. Since I felt pretty rested at that point, and also he's on week two of a shitty cold, I resisted the urge to shake him awake. Got up feeling pretty good and had a leisurely morning that helped even more.
Healthy Movement: Still some left-low-back aching today. Knock it off, yo! Session was excellent; reached 11 pull-ups again, and even got to nail a 115x2 bench (not a PR, but still totally badass) - that Dustin boy sure knows how to happy up my brain!
Fun & Play: Session. Spent time working over my Boston inspiration file, 'tis a beautimonious thing. Yet another great Comm Ed class, and this time it really paid off, got a gift certificate for a flat of native plants from Glacial Ridge Growers!

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