Tuesday, April 1

Nutrition: Ran out of breakfast veggies, and it felt weird. That's weird. 

Looked back at my long-run nutrition, and of the two successful treadmill runs, the 17-miler was fueled by Jennie's Macaroons, the 18-miler by 2 Larabars & a TS brownie. Then after those runs, I had switched to LBs & UBs. Guess what I'll be eating THIS weekend!

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 89% quality. I was dead to the world until Clyde woke me at 3a & KEPT waking me, by twitching his stupid tail in my face, kneading the bedspread, angering Oscar, etc. Good morning and happy birthday, Clyde. Now get the fuck away from me!!

Healthy Movement: Ankle is feeling better but overnight when I'd point toes or rearrange myself, it really fired up. I was staring at my Aleve bottle this morning, wondering...avoided it. Session was good, deload so the body should be happy with that, plus we cut back swings that might be angering the shoulder. 

Fun & Play: Session. Productive work day including a great meeting. TONS of pretty deer in my back yard, including the mama and two fawns. Sweetness. 

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