Thursday, April 3

Nutrition: Easiest day in a while, but I'm out of my (fake) bread and miss it. 

Sleep: 9.5 hours in bed, 9p-630a, 80% quality. Up 2-230a due to an annoying Clyde (hit bathroom, water, macaroon) compounded by a sore right ear that wouldn't accept an ear plug anymore, plus a snoring husband, plus a licking Lexi; then up again 4-430a due to Hanky wanting outside, but I could NOT stay up at that point. I was nearly in tears waiting for him to come back inside so I could go back to bed. So. Tired. So when my alarm went off at 5a, I shut the fucker right off. Best idea evah!

Healthy Movement: While dozing in bed, ankle seemed worse again, yet I couldn't stop stretching my lower legs an angering it, 'twas odd. Also have a sore left lower back, first time in ages, but that is usually a results of high stress or low sleep (or both). Left shoulder also very crunched in bed. Session was easy, good, fun, chatty. 

Fun & Play: Productive day. Session. TV time with the whole family. 

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