Thursday, April 17

Nutrition: Slow, leisurely, quiet first breakfast at home. Chatty second breakfast with Holea at Trav's. THIRD breakfast at supper!

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 930p-430a, 80% quality. Solid but not too long. Woke naturally and tossed & turned about 330a onward. Got up feeling fine, but suspecting it might catch up to me tomorrow, which will surely make travel day even more delightful. Had a long, slow, leisurely breakfast to make up for it.
Healthy Movement: Feeling great. Session was incredibly easy, childishly annoyed with Dustin. Told him he was no fun today, then immediately told him it was acceptable payback for my 4 months of no fun.

Fun & Play: Lunch with Holea was ├╝ber fantastic, great topics, and just plain old great friendship time. Bunch of fun at NSS. Totally emotional when leaving, so many well-wishes, even down to Holea having her four athletes wish me luck! Feeling the love. Fetch with Lexi in the sunshine. Laziness with all the critters & the hubs.

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