Thursday, April 10

Nutrition: Doing fine. Ate supper in my car, and cold roast pork + yam is still delish!

Acne: Starting to get bad again in past couple days; thinking the blame could fall on the banana chips I've been vacuuming up lately (added sugar) and since they're now gone, will be interesting to see if it changes.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 915p-615a, 85% quality. Awake at 2a to a whining Hank, got up and let him out after a bit (plus bathroom, water, snack for me), then took ages to fall back thanks to the cats. Gah. Luckily I was able to sleep in, that was NOICE!

Healthy Movement: Ankle still whiny, all else is pretty good, except left shoulder. It does seem better without the swings; the pain is not as sharp, but it IS still there. I'm thinking that if it's still there after Boston (assuming that makes 2 weeks without swings) then I'll go visit my old pal James. Session was easy-peasy other than the pull-ups being significantly more difficult for unknown reasons. And being told over and over in so many ways that I need to not fuck around between now and Boston, specifically including no tires. When I asked, exasperated, what COULD I do with any of my toys in Sunday, Dustin said "Look at them. Or clean them." Argh! Even if he's right, and is course he is, I hate being so damn constrained. Hate it.

Fun & Play: Article recognition at work, at NSS, and in community ed class; feeling famous. Feeling like a runner again is pretty amazing! Plotting breakfast AND lunch dates for Saturday with some of my besties. 

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