Sunday, April 6

Nutrition: Nice big meals, no snacky feelings. Slightly higher calories than needed, but nowhere near the last two days, feeling close to normal again. Low on water, though, tried to catch up in the eve but then I gave myself a gut ache: genius!

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 10p-630a, 74% quality. Wide awake & up at 3a for bathroom, water, macaroon; dozing in/out 530a onward. Legs uncomfortable in all positions, basically. The night after the race will be the very same, minus the bit about going back to bed at 3a, as we fly out at 6a Tuesday. Yuck!

Healthy Movement: Stiff lower legs, tight Achilles, but that's it; joints feel none of yesterday's 20 miles. Walk/run is amazing, yo. Best of all, the ankle is about the same as it was yesterday morning, hip hip hooray! Did an simple, fun, relatively easy workout: chin-ups & tire flips. Freaking loved it! Could have done more, but wanted to keep it conservative (Boston = two weeks and one day!). Also figured I should see whether the flips have a delayed impact, since I've done them just once before, years ago, and certainly not 50 of them. But I foresee many flips in my future, I quite loved them. Super lazy the rest of the day, but I got in immense amounts of sunshine and spring warmth and total happiness.

Fun & Play: Beautiful early-morning deer in the backyard. Lunch and lounging at the SIL's for nephew's birthday. Sat outside in the sunshine for the whole entire time. Dogs and kids chock full of mud, me full of vitamin D and even a touch of color on my face. So lovely and relaxing, this grin may get stuck on my face forever!

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