Sunday, April 27

Nutrition: I was a food prep rock star today, plus tried a couple experiments. I have a great pizza crust mix, but it always ends up soggy after I add toppings & continue baking (perhaps my foodie Buddy will have tips); so tonight I just made the crust so that I had a flatbread, which was crispy garlicky perfection. I also made ice cream after lunch that turned out amazing: yam, coconut milk, coconut-flavored whey, & cinnamon. The texture was a bit runny since I added too much coconut water, but I'd made it again in a heartbeat. Also a total calorie bomb, but watch my workouts and tell me I'm not earning them!

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 10p-615a, 79% quality. Much better than that; woke once at 4a (dogs) and then managed to sleep in besides. Got up feeling very rested. Was sleepy after my extensive reading time, but it was too late in the day for a nap. Did a little hammock dozing instead. Feel like I could become an expert at such an endeavor.

Healthy Movement: A little tight in low-back, but did a nice thorough warm-up before hulking in the basement. So fucking fun, only could be improved with a buddy. Hank was a mostly-acceptable substitution, though he is the worst spotter ever, getting in the way of my benching.

Fun & Play: All Teh Lifts and feeling great! All the chores and feeling accomplished. Ton of reading time in the hammock. Skipped the niece's birthday party so the hubs could catch up on sleep. Debated following through on lunch with my Buddy, but I had less than zero desire to leave the house on this cold windy shitty spring day. (Hopefully I can catch you next weekend instead, doll.)

Did I mention I'm feeling great? I may have to see James about this shoulder thing, but otherwise I'm ready to kick ass, take names (no worries, it'll only be my own ass & name: I'm a lover not a fighter), and let nothing slow me down!

And feeling fantastic. Bitches!

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