Sunday, April 13

Nutrition: Too much coffee and too much food. So, a great day!

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 10p-7a, 76% quality. Up at 415a for bathroom, nearly h/s/g but would've fallen right back...but I had to also let Hank out within 5 minutes of going back to bed. Oscar also dashes out, but I left him out there. Fell back after that, made it all the way to 7a! Better than 76%, but SC doesn't like my deep deep sleep. Well, I sure do!

Healthy Movement: Ankle about the same. Left shoulder about the same. Dustin said I'm not allowed to play with my toys today. I can look at them or clean them, but that's it. MAN. So I did a few sets of chins and only used this basement toy instead: 

Fun & Play: Bill paying, which included a lesson to Hop about the state of our financials, which is damn awesome for kids our age. Lunch with the parents, belly stuffed with tasty, tasty meats. Many chores knocked out. Massive excitement that Mike is "in" on the walk-to-run plan. Pure & utter laziness.

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