Saturday, April 5

Nutrition: Ate a ton again, once again over 3000 calories (this time thanks to banana chips NOM NOM NOM). No worries, today is recovery day!

Changed in-run nutrition to macaroons instead of Larabars, ditched whey protein completely, and drank tons more water.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 10p-545a, 84% quality. Pretty solid, just not long enough. Blame the hubs and the Hank. 

Took a nap 4-645p. I was so keyed up that the run went well, didn't nap until I ran outta steam; happy symptom of a happy long run!

Healthy Movement: Body was feeling fine pre-run, ankle seemed much improved, though it was a little loud right off the bat. Run couldn't have gone much better: two partners, sunshine, happy body. Serious confidence boost (rocket boost!) for the race itself. So freaking great for the brain, I can't even tell you. Typically stiff and sore lower body, nothing out of the ordinary. Forgot compression socks until post-nap. Ankle felt the same at the end of the day as it did at beginning. Senseless, but I'll take it, happily!

Fun & Play: Great run. Sunshine. Happy brain. Afternoon nap. Evening Fallon. 

When chatting with Heidi about my summer plan to train Hank to run with me, she said I should come run with her & hyper Harper, see if a fellow doggy can help to set him a reasonable pace. Yay!! 

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