Saturday, April 26

Nutrition: Breakfast at Trav's with the running group: muy delicioso! Food prep accomplished: baked a ham. A nommy, falling-apart, incredibly tasty ham. Wish my hubs hated pork; it's gonna be tough keeping his paws off it.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 90% quality. Woke when the hubs came home at 3a, otherwise super duper solid. The alarm did wake me, but I got up feeling rested.

Healthy Movement: Body feels fantastic. Morning run was super slow due to partners, thus felt easier than pie. And next weekend I will surely be hitting the trails instead, and Heidi said to invite her with! Wore compression socks all day. Probably don't need after such a shorty, but a good habit to stay in. Laziness the rest of the day, some movement chasing pooches at the dog park. Hours on the couch made me feel crappy and low-back crunched. Lesson to take to heart.

Fun & Play: Group run. Group breakfast. Front page IN COLOR of the Echo Press this time! Many chores knocked out. Dog park outing with Hanky and the Danes plus their tiny new sister Sophie, a Schnauzer puppy. Hank slept like a champ afterward! Bunch of fluff TV caught up.

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