Saturday, April 19

Nutrition: Had crab legs for supper; why do people add butter when they are so perfectly delicious without? Again a lot more food than necessary, but not 3000 calories like yesterday. Still, higher than needed, thanks to nuts. Pistachios, almond butter, and, um...THREE Larabars? Probably need to dial that back. And will, because tomorrow turns into a salty carbathon, dropping down the fats.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 1015p-615a, 89% quality. Felt worse, like I was constantly waking up. Got in two hours for an afternoon nap, 2-4p. Didn't feel I definitely needed it, but everyone else was heading out and I took that opportunity to baby the body.

Healthy Movement: Feeling good. Did a morning shakeout run with the whole group, 4.12 miles. Super easy pace and slowed down further by photo ops and the BAA 5k, it was very fun. Felt only okay, considering. Ankle still hurt of course, but it improved as I went, and I will be able to run through it easily on Monday, unless it drastically changes. Wore compression socks the rest of the day. Upper back and neck area has recovered from yesterday's flights. Probably walked 3 miles or so on our outings, all easy fun.

Fun & Play: Having a great time! Fun run, cheered on 5k runners, bought tons of fun things at the expo, hanging with my fellow runners and loving it. Nap. Texts and messages from so many peeps. Seafood supper of noms. Many new favors of kombucha. Saw a place with kombucha on tap, what!

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