Monday, April 7

Nutrition: Strangely hungry today. Stomach growling on my walk, and again when I left work. The latter due to a well-timed meeting that prevented afternoon snacking. But the former makes no sense, a I had TWO morning snacks after breakfast, weird.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, 75% quality. Awake 2a, 3a, dozed 4a onward. Couldn't wear right ear plug, very sore ear; plus an antsy Clyde. Didn't need to get up, but was awake enough at 3a to debate it. There was a bonus: having plenty of time for a long, slow breakfast.

Healthy Movement: Ankle angry when I'm in bed & rotating it - like, seriously angry. But once up & moving, better. Did variety pack of pulls, chins, claps pulls after class. Small sets of 5; they felt tough today. Both forearms ache a lot from flips. Went out for a lunch run but it turned into a walk because it felt so very terrible - I'm talking middle-of-January terrible. But as a walk, delightful! 

Fun & Play: 5 people in class! Immense sunshine. The ability to enjoy the walk. Good meeting. Great idea, potentially, for a walk to run program. Moonroof open. Tasty new brand of jerky discovered. Fetch with the pooches in glorious weather.

Temperance: With the weather change, I feel like a brand new person. A happy person. I like this person so much more.

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