Monday, April 28

Nutrition: I get to eat a lot now. It's awesome.
Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 86% quality. Woke at 1a (dogs), 3a, dozed 4a onward. GAH.
Healthy Movement: Did class and loved it. Debated easing in a little, but with the downpour I had to run through, I wasn't certain I'd get a run in later, so I went all out. Hulk smash! Ran after work, before LAE meeting, and was short on time, so I logged two joyful miles around Lake Bountiful. Bliss.
Fun & Play: Class. Blasting got out the community walk-to-run program, and five TSers are planning to join the TS one. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! Great meeting on the LAE events; going to offer a discount to our walk-to-run participants. So fun to be involved in this stuff, my absolute passion.

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