Monday, April 21

Nutrition: Not much water in the AM, anticipating long bus ride and long bathroom lines. Got a little behind on my nutrition during the race; was doing well for the first half and then struggled mentally to keep track after that. Obviously the heat did not help, felt like I couldn't get enough water; I kept thinking how badly I wanted to guzzle down an ice-cold gallon or so. Dropped all but water intake once I caught Shawn, and that's when I was feeling better. Hm, perhaps I was overdoing the salt tabs & cookies? Honestly I'm not sure there was a way to nail that race in the heat & sun, such a giant swing from training environs for the past 6 months. Surprisingly not very hungry post-run; total calories for the day around 1900 - tallied up later, wasn't worrying that day. Interesting.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 10p-630a, 90% quality. A big improvement but I don't think I'd rank it that good, still woke often.

Healthy Movement: Race day. Felt good and rested and ready. The first half was a cakewalk, and then the heat and hills sank in. I don't think I would have had such issues if it had been flat and cool, as the joints all felt good right up to the end. Yay, walk/run! So much kinder on the body. I only started to feel downright awful as we trudged through the finishing chute; I just wanted a goddamn banana, but it was blocks away. I was also overheating in the race blanket, until we caught some shade and wind to make it welcome again. Post-race I wasn't very smart about recovery. Spaced compression socks. Used The Stick briefly but pressure HURT like a mofo so a light once-over is all I did. IT bands felt just fine, ankle no worse than I started, feet swollen but not a blister to be found. Sunburn truly seems to be my biggest problem. Hip hip hooray!

Fun & Play:
This was a hugely emotional day. Near tears many times, couldn't hold them back as we entered the stretch from last year where I learned there actually were bombs, and people were hurt, and we wouldn't cross the finish line. I was so happy to have Shawn with me through that. At the one mile to go banner, where I was stopped last year, I was a total mess. I let the crowd bring me back out of it.

Half the reason I went back this year was to complete that old dream, to cross MY Boston finish line. But I realized today that the other half was for them, to give the people THEIR Boston Marathon back. I felt like it was about so much more than little old me today, and that made it all worth it. I was GRATEFUL to have the honor of bringing back their Marathon Monday. Madly in love with those spectators.

It was a long, tortuous, painful three-year odyssey to cross that finish line, but I'm so very satisfied to have done it. I'm proud to have survived all those dark winter months and achieved that payoff, but I'm more than ready to move on to the fun stuff and let go of the struggling. Time to THRIVE.

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