Friday, April 4

Nutrition: Decided to load up on both carbs & calories, and somehow I reached 3000 calories today. Whoa! I'd better feel like a champ tomorrow, that's some serous energy load. Or perhaps I'll feel like a lethargic slug for overeating. Fingers crossed. 

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 100% quality. Wha? Not quite. Tossing & turning a bit from 230a onward, but I do feel well rested - woken by Hanky, though I probably could have slept a little longer.

Healthy Movement: Feeling about the same, which is good given yesterday's lifting, bad given the back is still achey (for what damned reason?!). Did not enjoy sitting at NSS, back was a little angry and it was tough to find the right posture. 

Fun & Play: None of the snow we were forecast! Plotting my last long training run. Friday. Echo Press interview. Busy productive afternoon at NSS. Sunshine. Hanging with the whole fam. 

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