Wednesday, March 26

NutritionToday I almost told three folks that I am recovering from an eating disorder, in order to get them to leave me alone about their direct sales "wellness business" or whatever they are calling it. (It would be nice if I could just say "No I'm not interested" but I feel I need an excuse.)

Anyway, then I wondered, is that really true, the ED. So I went and took this screening test, answering it the way I would have as little as one year ago: yep, signs point to ED. No, it's not a diagnosis. But I absolutely let food control my life for So. Damn. Long. It is a struggle to find a balance where I am careful enough to eat healthy, for my intolerances, for my activity level, yet not obsess. I'm getting there. But food shortcuts like powdered greens and protein shakes and whatnot can suck a nut. Real food keeps my brain on straight.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 82% quality. Woke just past 12a, again at 330a (awake a while then), again at 430a. I would not call it a good night by any means, but I got up feeling good.

Tired about 3p. Fetched some tea & a snack, powered through.

Healthy Movement: Christlygodalmighty my hammies ache like I've never done a swing in my life before Monday. I guess 200 swings within 15 minutes, after a month of 0 swings, is perhaps a BIT much. But still, DIEL?

The cold is now a bit of a cough, feeling some phlegm in my breathing apparatus...apparatuses...apparati?

The right shoulder was again unhappy with even jumping jacks in my class warm-up. So I'm sort of where I am with the ankle, that a day off helps heal, but working it sets me back at least one day. So for the shoulder, I should probably avoid lifting this weekend (unless it feels normal by then) so that it gets 5 days of full rest & significantly better. Bah. Moar swingz!

For the ankle, I skipped today's run, so that come Saturday it's had 6 full days of healing. Instead of our usual Wednesday yoga, with the insanely sore hammies, decided a walk was better: get the fluids in there to flush 'em out. Happily, wee Mitzi was also up for a walking date! It was a bit chilly but delightfully fun. Except I could still feel the ankle; iced it when I got home.

Fun & Play: LAPW lunch where the speaker was Dorothy McIntyre, who helped pioneer girl's basketball as a HS sport, way back in the day. It was really damn cool, my inner feminist was thoroughly engrossed. Productive afternoon. Outing with Holea and Mitzi.

Stress Management: Had to scoot out of the lunch 15 minutes early for a 1p meeting...only to get back to my desk and discover that at 12:51p it had been moved to the end of the day. ARGH. Home internet not working until evening, when I spent an hour on it.

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "My body is incredibly smart, and I love it." This one is tough for me to accept. Usually when it is being smart, I'm hating the messages it's sending me. Like now, with the ankle. And shoulder. And cold.

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