Wednesday, March 19

Nutrition: Fantastic.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845a-5a, 65% quality. Yes, that's accurate. Wide awake about 12a, up for bathroom, water, a macaroon about 1a, tossed & turned after that. Alarm buzzed me at 455a and I wanted to hulksmash it. So. Tired.

Healthy Movement: Did class warm-up, got me into a bright mood. Feel left ankle a little still but much improved, and was very stiff getting out of bed, but otherwise I feel great. Due to not showering, hair is in an updo, which meant running with a hat would've been tricky (or required re-doing it, BAH), which meant that I pushed my run until the end of the day & made it longer, followed it with a muddy puddly fun walk as I waited for Holea to do yoga. The run was pure poetry: spring renewal, blissful, pleasantly comfortably challenging, absolutely everything a run should be, everything they USED TO BE. Where has this feeling been? How can I go from a lover of running, to such a hater, now back to this dreamy bliss? How could it have felt so incredibly oppositely different even a single week ago??

Whatever, don't ask.

Accept. Enjoy. Revel.

Fun & Play: Delightful class. Solved my need to keep re-planning class by recycling old ones - it's now plotted out all the way through Boston! JOANI came to me for an answer to validate her theory this AM, holy crap! Got through what I thought would be a rough review, it went well. Presented at all-team, voice sounded nervous but I was so not. I am somehow getting comfortable in front of 250 people? A run so good it made me feel like "a runner" again. Time with Holea. The hubs had a ham in the oven when I got home!

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "I look absolutely incredible when I wear __, and that makes me feel good." A tank top. Hot damn, do I love my arms & shoulders! To me, they embody the perfect balance of strength and femininity.

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