Wednesday, March 12

Nutrition: Much bigger breakfast than normal. Added a banana AND a Larabar. Gotta try something, so I'll boost calories earlier in the day, see if that helps energy & sleep & eve snacking. Increasing calories without also increasing sugar/carbs is quite a struggle. I'm definitely over-relying on nuts, but other than eating straight damn coconut oil I don't have a lot of ideas.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 815p-445a, 91% quality. I seriously got in the shower at 730p. I had to try something to get more than 8 hours. Sleep was more like 80%, woke often 1a onward, though I only looked at the clock at 3a & 430a. Dozed in/out about 4a onward...can't wait to just sleep in tomorrow. Hoping for 6a!

Healthy Movement: Achey out of bed, but good once moving, other than moderately sore glutes. Class warm-up & move demo-ing felt awesome and I REALLY wanted to do class, badly. Did some pulls & chins afterward, but not many...13 total over 3 sets. Dustin wants me doing the high-rep sets outside of NSS, focusing there on MU technique, but it's so out of my normal routine now that I keep forgetting. Me, forgetting pulls. What?? Lunch run was good, walked when the snow was deep. Afterward, foam rolled & logged 12 more pulls/chins over 2 sets. Trying to get consistency. Wore compression socks all day afterward. Some ache in left ball-of-foot. Yoga with Holea revealed that my hammies are incredibly tight.

Fun & Play: Class. Scored FIVE Reese's Pieces today - nice! Enjoyable run. Emailing with my far-flung besties. Yoga with Holea. Rain barrel class. 

Stress Management: So much better than yesterday, but still struggling with those reviews. 

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "My body is awesome, and every day, with everything I do, I will treat it as such."

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