Tuesday, March 4

Nutrition: Back to normal today.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 79% quality. Felt like I woke constantly to flip over. Shitty, but I got up feeling pretty good.

Healthy Movement: Body feels great. Session was too easy. I hate it when deload week comes and I'm feeling awesome. I actually kind of hate 5/3/1's programming for that set specified cycle. My body and brain rarely match your 4-week plan, ol' Jim. Wouldn't it make more sense to lift heavy when I feel like it, go high volume when I feel like it, and deload when I feel like junk? Yeah, absolutely, but how is Dustin supposed to write a program for that, without a crystal ball? Pulls were down a bit but due to shorter rest than Dustin gives (I think), and also using the deadest legs I could muster. Even though I should probably work on kipping. Yoga after work with Holea, lovely.

Fun & Play: Slow-moving morning. Flocked two of my favorites, and at the end of the day I got to move the flocks to the new recipients, such fun! Productive afternoon. Yoga fun. Watched some Jimmy Fallon with the hubs and Hanky.

Temperance: I am doing Molly Galbraith's 28-day Love Your Body Challenge. You should, too. http://mollygalbraith.com/2014/03/im-baaaaaack/
Today's mantra:
My body is my home. It’s the ONLY place I have to live. I will treat it with the care and respect it deserves.
Pretty nice, huh?

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