Tuesday, March 18

Nutrition: Don't mind me, I just ate Sunbutter with a spoon. Someday I'll eat this moderately...right?

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 94% quality. But I woke often in AM, 3a onward felt like I was constantly flipping. Right ear hurts to sleep on, still.

Healthy Movement: Very stiff ankles out of bed, iced left ankle while getting ready. Great session, rep PR on my beloved bench! Felt great rest of day. Wore boots with 1" heels but had a lot of meetings sitting.

Got lectured by Dustin about the weekend's trail run, but I butted back with the justification that it got me out there for 3 hours, AND I did shift to the road for the last hour (surprised him!). But he has a point, which I already knew: it is only fine as long as I get away with it - but I have no guarantees I can get away with it. So why risk it? He reminded me to focus on the "only 3 more long runs" and that in 5 weeks I can do any old foolish thing I want to do, run trails all the livelong day, pound uphills, downhills, sprints, ANYTHING, but for now, hold off. It's only 5 weeks; anyone can do anything for 5 weeks. Last night already I was thinking about my Sunday workouts being forced to "easy" for only three or four more times...I think I can handle that sacrifice.

But my brain has to be working right when I hit the point in the run where I am so depleted that I think, well, fuck it all, I'm done, I'll just run Boston untrained and walk in pain for two days, but that's better than running RANOW. I'm thinking treadmill, honestly, because it means less worry about having proper nutrition ON ME. And also I can wear what I think will be race-day gear. Really, 4 hours on the treadmill? What is wrong with me?

Fun & Play: I mistakenly put yesterday's run into the "Fun & Play" section. A lovely sign! Session. Two reviews knocked out that went relatively well. Terri landed in NZ! Hammock time.

Stress Management: Snow driving. Some last-minute revamping of reviews. Septic full again, needs to be pumped, won't be until tomorrow...so no showering tonight. Or, worst of all, flushing. Awesome!

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: “My body has put up with all of my antics and it still thrives. And for that, it deserves love.”

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