Thursday, March 6

Nutrition: Did you know you can turn 6 Brussels sprouts into HEAVEN with one little slice of bacon? Truth.
Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 845p-545a, 100% quality. Wha? Up at 245a for bathroom, and the alarm had to wake me. Not no 100%, yo - especially when the graph shows me awake 145-245a. Dumb thing. It was maybe 90%, still good; I got up feeling pretty well-rested.
Healthy Movement: Still some shin-muscle soreness, more than I was expecting to linger into today. From only 6 minutes of [fast] downhills? Gulp. Session was fun, easy. Messed up on ring pulls, was supposed to do AMAP first set, then high, but I started out high straight out of the gate - burned me up. Oh well. Yoga after work again, this one a high-speed version almost, felt awesome to work hard and then just streeeeetch and chill. Wore compression socks to bed.
Fun & Play: Building a slick reporting spreadsheet. Session. Yoga. Pets. Yummy supper.
Temperance: I feel better about my emailed rambling nonsense to Dustin yesterday, as it is exactly what Nia Shanks wrote about yesterday, too! Now I feel like a genius.
Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "I am strong enough to train for Boston yet again, and I am proud of that."
A response to the challenge, shared from another: My body is amazingly flawed, amazingly imperfect, amazingly STRONG. - I absolutely fucking love that.

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