Sunday, March 9

Nutrition: French toast = my new addiction. Love. Especially when it's a matter of spending 30s extra turning my usual fried egg & toast into something far beyond. A drizzle of honey and cherry balsamic sauce turns it into the bestest thing evah. Surprisingly wasn't all that hungry today, a nice change from eating All Teh Foodz yesterday. Had to eat up in the eve to avoid having too few calories.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 1015p-630a (old times), 82% quality. Woke at 430a to a puking cat, so I heard, but I never found anything this AM. Woke by Hank just past 6a. I suspect it is going to be a struggle getting up tomorrow; not only did we set clocks ahead today, but I am back to teaching class after a highly-enjoyable two week hiatus full of sleeping in.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good other than the right ankle concern, sharpest in AM then fading throughout the day. So definitely no group run today, unfortunately. Why must I be so delicate?? Lifted instead, which my brain preferred anyway - varied the lifts (other than bench) and took shorter rests/higher reps to mix it up and avoid any sort of failure. Felt easy and fun, and a 30-lb TGU made me feel like a champ! Followed that with ball-throwing and snow-shoveling, even a trek way back through the tree line to fetch my wind-tossed UPS delivery box - thoroughly enjoying the 40F.

Fun & Play: Spring-cleaning fever has provided a somewhat-clean house. Lifting session. Playtime outside with all the pets, including kitty-snuggling on the warm deck. Grilled pork chops. YAY, SPRING!

Stress Management: I have a lunch meeting tomorrow for the LAPW philanthropic committee. I don't want to go; I don't know why I've lost my connection to this committee, but I just haven't got any passion or enthusiasm for it anymore. I can't explain why, unless it's purely a matter of timing, winter/Boston stress. I just don't wanna go. I'd rather run, maybe even run long.

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra:
"I love my body. It may not be 100% perfect, but it’s served me well and it deserves love and compassion."

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