Sunday, March 23

Nutrition: Ate well but not a crazy amount like yesterday. Didn't restrict since I have the beginnings of a cold, lucky me!

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 10p-7a, 95% quality. Lies! Woke at 1a when the hubs came home, didn't sleep well at all after that - lotta Lexi licking, right ear hurting, sore throat beginning nonsense. Able to sleep in, at least.

Healthy Movement: Aching feet out of bed, and right shoulder feeling pretty jacked. Did my lifting very carefully, paying attention to that shoulder, and some modifications were necessary. I couldn't even do a TGU, that up/back arm is when it hurts most. Probably shouldn't have OHP'd but it actually felt decent at the time. Also, sore throat and some sniffles. 

Fun & Play: Shopping with the hubs - just Target & groceries, but still. Workout. Amanda Trusty sharing my email. Hammock & Desire Map time, with a bonus quilt to make it even cozier. Chores done. Calm brain.

Working while the rest of the household is sleeping in...I seem to be doing it very, very wrong! (Except for the coffee.)

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "My body feels sexiest when I [insert here]." I'm going to say when I have just finished a successful workout - because my confidence is soaring so far beyond its usual levels.

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