Sunday, March 2

Nutrition: Working off my weekday template today. After two high days, time to get back to basics.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 10p-615a, 93% quality. Bull! I was dozing 5a onward, wishing I could fall back. Got up telling myself I'd be able to nap. And I did, got 2 hours in immediately after my PWO lunch. Winning!

Healthy Movement: Body feeling pretty darn good. Bit achey straight out of bed, but movement felt good. Left knee giving some sharp post-long-run pain, mostly up stairs, but not consistently so. Since I got all 4 "weekend hours" in on Friday night, today I got to lift. Wanted medium volume & weight on lower body, heavy singles on upper, lots of pulling. Most of it felt sadly weak, deadlifts especially so. I mean, I even brought the scale downstairs to double-check the barbell weight, that's how weak I felt! While frustrated since yesterday was total rest, I have to concede that even a long run/WALK will cause lingering fatigue issues. (Yeahbutstill!)

Fun & Play: Sunshine. Didn't need to go outside into what is hopefully the last stupidcold day. Fun with the squat rack. Naptime. Productivity. Pets.

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