Sunday, March 16

Nutrition: A bit high but happily it was three big meals with no snacks, a nice change.

Sleep: 9.5 hours in bed, 915p-645a, 91% quality. Woke often 1a-5a, recall flipping over a LOT, dunno why. Possibly long-run effects, just body working to recover? Got up rested.

Healthy Movement: Left ankle aching, deep ache inside lower legs when pointing toes, but attributed to trail footing; otherwise feeling very good, minimal stiffness. After sitting all day, logged a lifting workout in the basement - all easy, except pushed a bit on the bench press. Everything felt really good, though the left shoulder clearly told me it wouldn't like trying full dips on the rings; I was only at partial bodyweight, and it was yelling a bit.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Helping others (dad's bookkeeping, pal's taxes, family taxes). Visiting with taxy folks. Lifting fun. Proactive packing for tomorrow that told me my lunch run will be in 35F (I'm 100% ignoring the potential for freezing drizzle, yo).

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "My body is incredibly honest and intuitive, and for that reason, it deserves love and respect." One thing I've been thinking of today, in talking Boston to my taxy that last year's ITB/knee pain kept both me and my family away from that finish line at the time of the bombs. Thanks, body - you're amazing.

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