Saturday, March 29

Nutrition: Pretty much perfect. I even managed to watch everyone around me devour junk food, pizza, cake, and booze, while I had a chef salad and water, and didn't feel deprived, because I was too busy enjoying the people. 

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 10p-645a, 95% quality. Coughed myself awake at 3a, up for water and bathroom, but otherwise totally solid.

Healthy Movement: Coughing is a disappointing step back with the cold, but all else is feeling improved. Shoulder is perhaps the same. Bowled one game in the evening, was actually nervous my elbow would hurt tomorrow, because I'm such a delicate flower. But I'm running, so it will be fine even if that's the case.

Fun & Play: Lazy but productive day. Errands with the hubs that included picking up my flipping tire (!). Shopping. Potential running partner tomorrow. Doggie play time. Couple hours of reading time. Meal & chatting & bowling with the NSS crew. So wish I could be a full-timer, spending every day with that group would be so much fun. 

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge MantraI am healthy, and my body is healthy, and for that, I am grateful.” Oh so important to remember I am not injured, as I qualify my Boston plans with "Well, it'll be a run/walk," because at this point in time, I have full confidence that I can finish that thing. That's a gift I did not have for the past two attempts.

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