Saturday, March 22

Nutrition: Ate far too many calories, given the miles I accomplished. Something like 3000, yet oddly not bingey or snacky, just really added up. Part of my brain then suggested fasting tomorrow, but luckily part of it is capable of recognizing that as ED thinking. 

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 10p-545a, 77% quality. Stayed up too late (Jimmy Fallon's fault), woke at 330a but didn't need to get up, pooches antsy at 5a. But somehow I got up feeling pretty good. Got in a two-hour-ish nap after the run.

Healthy Movement: Left ankle ache still there but seemed better, upper back much improved, feeling rested. Sat all morning before the run. Run felt fantastic on brain because it was very easy physically, but the ankle ache really started to kick in at one hour, so I decided I was safer to just walk, and only then as long as it didn't worsen. I walked 2:40 then reassessed, decided it was worsening, shut down. Iced it afterward and stayed off it.

I debated heavily whether or not to stop entirely, drop to a walk, just keep going...the little Dustin in my head was not that helpful, what with all his "I told you so!" nonsense. (Heh. I know he won't actually be happy with this proof that the trail run was a risky one I shouldn't have attempted, but...sometimes I feel like my burden in life is to prove him right.) Anyway, I wanted to just suck it up & keep going, because the pain is really quite mild, just an ache...but I'm simply not able to dance at that end of the risk spectrum like others; it's the same-footed tendon-y issue that has been a problem before; Boston is only 4 weeks away; it is more important to get my next two runs than this one, if I have to choose; and so "conservative" has to be my strategy here. Figure I'll rest from the next weekday runs if I still feel it, as I have got to log these last long runs, make sure the body knows it will survive 4.5-5 hours of forward motion on race day. Frustrated but not stressing too much. 

Feel like I may be getting a cold. Argh.

Fun & Play: Bill paying! Watched some good TV on the 'mill. iPhone, iPad both recognize dreadmill as legit word! Hot tub time. Napping. Hanky getting across his line again but returning within ten minutes, entirely on his own. FB friend who messaged me she could do two pull-ups and just had to tell someone, even though I can do "like a million!" Eve laziness.

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "My body reveals wonderful surprises to me all of the time, and I am grateful for that." 

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