Saturday, March 15

Nutrition: Lotsa calories today, but I logged 16.5 miles, so I totally earned 'em. Included homemade pizza, noms!

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 930p-645a, 89% quality. Up for bathroom/water at 130a. Pretty deep sleep otherwise. No nap, ran too late in the day. Fer dum.

Healthy Movement: Body in great shape. Logged two hours on TRAILS (!) at LCSP then an hour on the road, then walked a half hour. Pretty damn good outing, forced to the roads due to sore ankles & feet, but the rest was going well. However, once on the road the body started to die. Plugged into the iPod and tried to push but it was still MEH. If I'd had farther to go I think I would've done better, but I came into LCSP right there. Should have then logged a full hour of walking but was bored on roads and the nearby trails were either slippery or soft, so I quit early. Still, a long tough run on trails is a huge win. Happy place! Wore compression socks afterward, and to bed. Left ankle aching some thanks to the trail beating. Not concerned (yet).

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Bill paying morning. ZOMG TRAILS. A long run that felt pretty good. Fetched more ground coffee at Caribou and now my pantry smells amazeballs. Pizza! Chilling with the hubs watching Jimmy Fallon.

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: “My relationship with my body is reciprocal, so I will nourish it with love, compassion, and positive thoughts.” Oof...I certainly haven't been doing any of that. Time for a change.

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