Saturday, March 1

Nutrition: Stuck in the car all day, too many snacks given zero movement. But, whatevs, helps recovery.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 930p-615a, 95% quality. Flipping & flopping around 230-3a, otherwise fairly solid. I do remember aching hips as I turned over.

Healthy Movement: Body is aching a little bit; wore compression socks all day. No damn movement, really: 4 hours in a car to visit Amy & Maya, sitting 4.5 hours there, then 3.5 hours to the parents' (non-stop). I did a bit of mobility while there, playing with Taco, never sat down. Then home and to bed.

Fun & Play: The drive felt long as hell, but I got to speed plenty, and it was a lovely visit with Amy & baby. Desperately wishing it weren't so damn far. There was a stretch of road near the state line that was really hilly, and it made me want to get out and run - haven't felt that urge in a long while!

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