Monday, March 31

Nutrition: Not particularly hungry, no cravings, but oddly...unsatisfied. And sometimes a gut ache. Just a weird day.

Sleep: Bleah. 7.75 hours in bed, 845p-430a, 81% quality. Somewhat decent, lot of tossing & turning 3a onward, and Hanky was up EARLY and I couldn't ignore him. Got up feeling surprisingly rested. 

Healthy Movement: Went back to my old pillow last night, hoping it might help the shoulder (which is now back to just left side). Feels the same, which is to say: pretty bad. Both calves very tight but not concerning. 

Left ankle hurts quite a bit, and oddly was worse in my running shoes than barefoot (I only wore them into class, not running, don't deck me!). Iced it during breakfast. Did some of class warm-up; jacks & flings didn't hurt a bit, but lunges were quite bad when that foot was in back. Pain is there when foot is flexed, pointed (mildest), inverted, everted - but if I manually move it, no pain. Also only a vague ache if I rub the area. At end of day it was off/on. Bad when I went down the hall, better when I came back. (Wearing ballet flats.)

I did a couple sets of chins in class that felt easier than at home this weekend. Thinking smaller bar = better grip. Right ham has loosened up a bit since yesterday. (Those be my happy notes.)

As I came upstairs after class, I felt as exhausted as though I'd done the class - like I could go for a nap at only 7a. Cold is lingering a bit, but I quit the vitamin C as an acne suspect. The fatigue could also be a long-run recovery issue. I don't know, but I know that I do not like feeling like junk. Since I continued feeling like junk, at noon I started to write myself an easy workout...and then somehow I got wise and crumpled it up. Mentally, I would have felt weak doing it while watching the Putnams of the world Kill Teh Weights, and physically, what I need is freaking rest, yo. Not a gentle version of anything, unless that "anything" is a nap, perhaps. 

Instead I just worked (and worked), an 11+-hour day, 630-545. Why do I do this to myself? Afternoon energy level was slightly better than morning, so I was feeling productive, I guess. 

Fun & Play: Class was fun, three newbies and none of my usuals. A challenge to instruct in a dramatically different manner than normal. 

Got a lot of work done today, despite the mild brain fog. Let myself skip an eve meeting rather than rush through the work I was doing and potentially be out late. AKA, I prioritized getting my ass recovered. 

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "I am perfect, just as I am. And I could use a little improvement." 

Aaaand, she lost me. Last day, worst mantra. First sentence: great, wonderful, fabulous. Second sentence: NONONO fucking NO

That kind of thinking is exactly what my problem has been all along: always thinking I need to be better better better, never satisfied with where I am, never good enough, never anything enough. 

Logically, I understand that we all need improvement, but for perfectionists, it's a line of thinking that needs to be brutally discouraged.

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