Monday, March 3

Nutrition: Utilizing Monday Mode to put bigger-than-baby steps in effect today, like one egg at breakfast, smallest yam at lunch, jerky for supper, etc. Coming in rather low-cal at 1600; will let that slide for a single day, then back up to normal levels tomorrow.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 9p-545a, 97% quality. That's too high; woke often 3a onward, got up angry but good once I got moving. No podcast in my ear until after breakfast, I think that helped a lot.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling good. Had a fairly pleasant lunch run. Wore compression socks afterward. Little weirdness in left foot as I went, sometimes, but nothing after the run.

Fun & Play: Tea gram from my Buddy. Pleasant run. RFL meeting.

Stress Management: Really sweet words from a fellow runner after I told him that if I could send him to Boston in my place, I would, because he deserves so many AND such huge props for inspiring and encouraging people like he does. Here was his response:
Ah, thanks Sabrina!  Remember, you were one of the original ones who encouraged and inspired me, and I am just paying it forward.  If you find something that changes your life, you have to want to share it right?!?!  :) 
Also, for the record, my single greatest fear is sustaining an injury that sidelines me for months and months, and then fearing if I would ever be able to regain the fitness level to go out and do another marathon.  You are overcoming that monster right now, coming off of a nagging injury that took you down for a long time, and yet here you are, lacing them up time and time again in the worst MN winter since like 1492 and preparing to run the BOSTON freaking Marathon!  On what will be the most awe inspiring, commemorative and truly awesome of all Marathon Mondays in the history of Marathon Mondays!  Screw the time, if you cross the start line and the finish line, you WIN!  Keep on keepin' on my friend!
Some day I will run Boston... I'm not sure when or how, but I will do it.  All in due time.  Here's an idea, think of 26 people that would give ANYTHING to be there in Boston on that morning, and run 1 mile in honor of each of them.  Save your fastest one for me. :) 
I can't wait, I am so excited for you guys, plus I think the group going out would just be so much fun to hang with. 

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