Monday, March 24

Nutrition: Started taking Emergen-C yesterday. Also an Aleve post-workout. And I ate too much; do you know how good raw, unsalted nuts are? So much better than the usual crap. And hard to find; Target, of all places, is my best option.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 915p-5a, 78% quality. Woke just past 2a, couldn't fall back, got up for bathroom, water, 2 macaroons. In/out 4a onward. Ugh, but got up in a good mood. 

Healthy Movement: Did class warm-up, shoulder didn't even like JUMPING JACKS, for fuck's sake. Did swings & deadlifts & squats at lunch, as a Sinkler-inspired cardio workout. Felt pretty awesome, miss doing that. Watched Lisa P pounding out the really fun stuff, though, and realize I REALLY miss silly shit like a snatch ladder. Le sigh at les goals. Very tired about 3 or 4p, went into veg mode at home.

Fun & Play: Fun class. Productive morning - launching a super slick tool that I helped create. Fun to get some sweat on in the weight room. Productive afternoon. Lazy evening

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "My body carries the markings that tell my life story. These are all beautiful and unique to me." Molly has a powerful action step today.
I want you to spend 1-2 minutes visualizing yourself as someone who is very advanced in age (80+-ish).  I want you to picture what your life will have been like.  How it will have been lived. What your body will have carried you through. 
Then I want you to write a letter to yourself at the age you are now, from the age you are then.  So if you’re 30 now, you are writing a letter from your 80-year-old self to your 30-year-old self. 
What kind of things will you say?  Do you think your 80+-year-old self will be chastising you because your thighs aren’t smaller?  Do you think she will be angry at you for not eating less? Or spending more time at the gym? 
I have a feeling that woman will tell you to enjoy every single moment that you have with your body from now until eternity.  She will tell you to enjoy all that can do, and all that it can see, and all that it will do for you in your lifetime. 
She will tell you to cherish every waking moment you have that you are healthy, and happy, and alive. 
Take her advice.  She’s a smart lady.
Read the whole shebang here. For me, thinking of this perspective is just as powerful as thinking about the way we would never speak to young girls. From a distance, we know that obsessing over our imperfect appearance is energy-wasting stupidity. So why can't we knock it off RANOW?

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