Monday, March 17

Nutrition: Solid, other than trying to add a few calories in the eve and diving into my nuts & banana chips & cinnamon mixture. Um, there's no moderation with that delicious combo!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 90% quality. What? I was constantly awake & flipping over from 1a onward. And dozing 430a until 5a. That is a bullshit assessment, Sleep Cycle.

Healthy Movement: Left lower leg a bit itis-y feeling, but otherwise feeling great. Energized. Class warm-up felt excellent, no shin issues felt as I jumped. Demo'd moves, did some chins, tried some MU swinging (ugh), did 2-minute suitcase carry finisher. Had a very solid lunch run that felt better than most, despite being LONGER than usual. The brain, she's coming 'round. HAPPY.

Fun & Play: Fun class with Bob, but I wanted to doo eeet! A good run, so rare these days.

Evening joined/met with the planning committee for this summer's half-marathon weekend in town, excited to help. They're putting me in charge of volunteer coordination, fun! Put on by a church, raises funds to send kids to a Christian athletic camp, something like that, not exactly my area of passion (hardly!), but if it gets people interested in running, I'm in. I've zero interest in racing this year, but excited to help out with others.

I've been debating my summer running goal being simply, "Train Hank to run with me." Frustratingly short runs, runs that change to walks, etc, but if I don't have a race distance that I've "got to" train for, it should work. Would still do the big fall outings of the Norseman 10-mile race (just because I was in on the 1st annual, now I need to hit every year!) and of course the Train & Stay (bestest funnest vacation evah), and support others like with the 100k-ers last year.

Stress Management: This covers both ends of the stress spectrum: I only have three more long runs. On the one hand, thank hey zeus I'm almost done with this damn training. On the other hand, only three more attempts to figure out what I should do on race day. I mean, am I really going to walk 6 minutes into the marathon? 30 minutes? 2 miles? 5 miles? I'm going to feel good enough to run for 10 miles, adrenalized by the ZOMG BOSTON brain, and all the spectators...and then I'm going to smash bang headfirst into a wall of I must go in with a strategy. And I only have three more runs to create it.

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "I am strong, smart, powerful, and beautiful, and my actions have a direct and positive effect on these truths."

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