Friday, March 28

Nutrition: Second breakfast at Trav's, is there anything better? Absolutely not!

Acne: Skin has been pretty durn clear since eliminating Uberbars. Le sigh. Does that indicate the amount of sugar? Or the type? Further experimenting required. Later. For now, easy to avoid them and ignore the acne-source obsession. 

Emergen-C has dextrose in it, which comes from corn. I also have many small whiteheads popping up. Coincidence? Doubt it.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 79% quality. Up late because of hubs, up early because of Hank. I could have used another hour, very close to the ability to let Hank out then go back to bed, but not quite. Luckily, a low-stress, easy day.

Healthy Movement: Right ham tighter than left, feels a little strained, that's odd. Left shoulder a little jacked again. I wonder if the swinging drills are aggravating; it's a position that many interweb expertz specifically criticize about the kipping pullup. On the bright side, left ankle is feeling markedly better, and sitting all day probably helped. Cold is also much better, nearly gone, perhaps my last day of C?

Did an unusual workout in the afternoon, biking for gentle cardio that rested the foot, then a very basic, gentle strength workout.

Fun & Play: Extra coffee and reading time in the AM. PTO from TS to work at NSS. Long chatty second-breakfast lunch with my Buddy. More NSS. Two pesky errands knocked out. A strength workout that was just enough blood pumping to feel really good, without pain anywhere. Evening reading AND TV laziness. Lovely. 

Today's #LoveYourBodyChallenge Mantra: "I am surrounded by amazing people, and they enrich my life so much. I am amazing too, and I enrich their lives as well." So easy to agree with the first sentence, so challenging to agree with the second.

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