Friday, February 28

Nutrition: Pretty high-cal, due to long run. And second breakfast. (Justified by long run.)

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 85% quality. Graph shows me awake until 10p, and awake again at 4a. That ain't no 85%

Healthy Movement: Body felt pretty good all day. Sat most of day at NSS. Numerous errands meant I waited until 4p to get on treadmill. The 4/2 run/walk combo seems ideal; the longer recovery time feels huge and thus makes it feel like a piece of cake. Really felt like I could've lasted four hours of that combo, if not for the stupid blisters. I guess my Boston shoes will be my blue Merrells (which were in my locker at work). Happy to say that mentally, I was in great shape - I never desperately wanted to quit like last week. That's a WIN! Wore my compression socks to bed.

Fun & Play: NSS. Took both dogs out venturing. Had a lovely second breakfast with Miss Holea. Some banking things accomplished that made me feel like a financial genius. Accomplishing my 4 treadmill hours all at once rather than needing to spread over the weekend (my backup plan). Wonderfully encouraging words from my people.

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