Wednesday, February 4

Nutrition: I forgot my lunch at home. Sadface. As a bonus, a surprisingly easy low-cal day.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 86% quality. Solid until 330a, in/out after that. Got up feeling pretty rested. Smelling freshly-brewed coffee helped - first time since getting the pot that Hanky let me sleep in long enough for the program to start it!

Healthy Movement: My shins hurt when I did the class warm-up. What. The. FUCK. I don't even. Pinched a finger between plates to get a blood blister, but I stabbed & drained it, and it seems like it'll be fine. Sat most of the morning, working on presentation & viewing a webinar in an office. Left work a bit early, just past 4p, to get in a short run before pulling the sled with Holea. Guess which one was more enjoyable. Things were okay while running, but felt right shin pulling the sled backward, felt right hamstring pulling it forward. Neck/shoulder jacked-ness is better today but still not normal. Didn't test it with anything.

Fun & Play: Chatting with Lisa. Feeling good about the presentation. Chatting with Holea.

Stress Management: Along with lunch, I also forgot the work I brought home so I basically had to recreate it, due to deadline of noon today. (Oh, no big deal, I looove rework.) Winter running and janky body parts.

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