Wednesday, February 26

Nutrition: Bacon is gone, and I will keep it gone for a while. Have chicken sausage that will make me feel healthier each morning. Baby steps. BUT THEN, of the pan of brownies I made for work, only 1/3 was eaten, and half of that 1/3 was eaten by ME. And then at home, I nommed on too much SB. Ugh.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 9p-6a, 80% quality. Wide awake at 3a, couldn't fall back so got up for bathroom, snack; took a while to fall back. Alarm woke me.

I really don't understand the quality measurement. Tuesday is longer AND has more time down in deep sleep, yet the quality is 19% less...what?

Healthy Movement: Feeling squats a lot by evening. Shoulder is doing great. Morning train, 15-minute stroll through the building, felt great to move. Sat for about 3 hours in an afternoon meeting, after which I was planning to run home (since I was setting up for the meeting at 11a already). But the winds were so bad that the hubs said I'd be hit by a damn car, terrible visibility out in the country. Yet when I drove home, it was perfectly fine. And this was the first long run I had looked forward to in months. Fuck you, winter! At home, I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes because I'd lost all desire to run. Bah.

Fun & Play: Great team meeting.

Stress Management: Again, I need to STOP reading about the runs of the local running rock stars, like Shawn logging 18 miles on the tiny track, at an 8:35 pace. Bleargh.

Temperance: The video of my training is available, so I took a peek, and something amazing happened: I actually thought, "Hey, I look good. Natural. Comfortable. Fun." I didn't think ANYTHING mean or critical about myself. That's incredible.

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