Wednesday, February 12

Nutrition: Fine. No issues.

Acne: I've been eating egg yolks, yeast, and almonds in the past week - unlimited amounts (not that I eat tons, but I'm not trying to keep levels at low intake) - and acne is fine. Healing from the last massive freakout, with nothing new. So, allergy test: you were a complete waste of money. Best I can tell by looking back to last month's freakout, it was either a high carb intake, or dining out - neither of which I've been doing in the past couple weeks. So...I guess I could test this with a high carb intake.

Oh but then guess what: some new breakouts by day's end. WTF! Hate. This is so unbelievably frustrating.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 85% quality. That's generous; I was awake 4a onward, trying very hard to sleep, but instead regularly yelling at the dancing dog(s) and scratching cat(s). I do not enjoy this "single parenting" gig, as the dogs apparently need out in a shorter timeframe than 8 hours.

Healthy Movement: Did 2 sets of 5 high pull-ups during class. Did not bother the shoulder. Did 5 after my run, too. The run went better than most recent ones; kind of hated it to start, felt disjointed and awkward - right side mainly felt off, but it changed as I cruised around in the fairgrounds and felt more playful & kidlike. Wore compression socks all afternoon. Felt squats late in day, bedtime-ish.

Fun & Play: I sent a note to a coworker that I don't actually know that well, in response to overhearing her say she was 15-20 lbs lighter last time she ran some race at Fargo. I get it, same boat, but nobody else can see it and moreover no one cares, you're awesome and don't forget it, etc. I was very hesitant in sending it, both because it could have came off as creepy/offensive and also because of the lead/non-lead status, and yet I took the chance. And she responded very well, appreciated it and sent me a little love back. YAY for spreading a little love out into the world!

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