Tuesday, February 18

Nutrition: Asparagus on sale = bacon-greased asparagus at breakfast = super nom!
Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 91% quality. Wide awake, h/s/g, and up for bathroom/water/2 macaroons, at 1a. Haven't had that in a long time. Didn't miss it.
Healthy Movement: Lower legs a bit stiff first off, good once moving. Right hamstring a little tight from Sunday yet. I have a big ol' bruise from yesterday's KB fun. Stupidly delicate! Again as I walked in this morning, I had the urge to run...so warm, so beautiful, please let this feeling last! Had a solid session, little disappointed on the bench, but am I ever satisfied with a missed rep? Shoulder is feeling much better at least, barely feeling it for the most part. It was worst when I was sitting on the couch at night, being a little crunched inward.
Fun & Play: Second & third Fin Lit classes in the books! Halfway done, and still enjoying it. The hell is wrong with me? Silliness with my Buddy & I sending the very same bacon-related ecard to the very same person, an hour apart. We were obviously made for each other! More TV/Hanky laziness. It's definitely helping to be a sloth at home while work is so busy.

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