Thursday, February 13

Nutrition: Fine, no issues.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 91% quality. Slept like a rock until dancing Hank woke me at 5a. Sleep cycle shows me waking at 1a, but I remember nothing. Beautiful.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good other than left shoulder, which was pinchy right off the bat. Normalized later, stayed good through session. Donated blood in afternoon, zero issues. Long day on my feet again.

Fun & Play: Ran through rehearsal for my trainings next week, and it went swimmingly. I'm really excited to do them. Very enjoyable session. Blood donation at the same time as my Buddy, saving lives like a couple of superheroes! Snuggly Hank during some rare TV time.

Stress Management: Somehow I am back to normal me. Had a convo with my lead at the end of the day that would have made me want to punch things last week, but today I was just fine. Didn't even keep it in my head after I was away from my desk. If only I knew what has changed, so I could stop going down into those dark valleys.

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