Sunday, February 9

Nutrition: Totally normal hunger levels. Three squares. No cravings. What is this magic??

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 945p-630a, 77% quality. Up at 130a to let out Lexi. Hank began tromping around at 430a. ARGH.

Healthy Movement: Body feels surprisingly good. Would not know I did a long run yesterday based on how I'm feeling. Even going down stairs, everything is fine: shins say nothing, left knee which ALWAYS stabs down stairs when I log a lotta miles (even trail miles) is perfectly quiet, I feel nothing but normalcy. I'm liking that a LOT. If this is a direct result of the walk/run combo, I may never log a straight-out run again. Feeling good the day after a long winter road run = completely foreign.

Logged a row-filled workout plus a single set of [an easy version of] the basics - it felt like an extended, easy warm-up. Considered doing a bunch more, maybe run through everything again, maybe just repeat the basics but throw some weight on, i feel good so what else should I do, etc, and then I realized that feeling like it was "stupid easy" is probably right where I need to be right now. Iced the left shoulder afterward but only the TGUs seems to aggravate it (when rolling onto left side).

Sat rest of day, Dad's bookwork then my own taxes.

Fun & Play: Finally made some videos for Amanda Trusty. The execution wasn't stellar, but it worked. Also it meant I did 10 straight ring pull-ups, replicating Thursday's PR. I like it! The workout was fun, pure play. Would've lined up a Buddy session, but I had a lot to do today, no time for the lengthy chatting we always end up incorporating. Was at the tax firm for a long time visiting, miss the peeps very much; delivered a bunch of our fudge for letting me use the software; and they told me to stop & visit any time, and also to keep them on next year's plan. I know it sounds cray cray, but I really do miss it. Husband in FL enjoying 65F...good thing I like him so much, otherwise I might block his calls and texts!! Round of texting with Holea about tattoos got me thinking about how I could modify my flag tattoo...the wheels are turning!

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