Sunday, February 2

Nutrition: I ate a metric ton of pistachios today. Yeah, that's healthy, you bet. Okay no, but maybe this is: egg bake made with ground beef seasoned with my breakfast sausage spice mix, onions, shrooms, and a dozen eggs. Bacon grease on the bottom & sides of pan. Deliciousness as a result!

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 1030p-6a, 83% quality. In late due to the birthday party, but Hanky let me sleep in a little. Thanks, pal! No nap time, though I should have forced it.

Healthy Movement: Upper back is almost normal. Had a delightful OH press workout with my Buddy, strong, lots of bonus mobility & stretching, much chatting. Spent the afternoon being lazy. Couch-sitting aggravated my shoulder (too crunched-in?) so I avoided it after I got my fill of the Puppy Bowl. Should have iced it, forgot. Drained the blister on left arch; not hurting, but I gotta run tomorrow, so it has to get gone.

Fun & Play: Keeping tabs on Shawn in her 100-miler (28 unfathomable hours). Buddy session. Kitten Bowl, Puppy Bowl, snuggling with Hank. Reading time.

Stress Management: The week ahead makes me hyperventilate. The auditors arrive next Monday. Reviews are supposed to be done this Friday. Need to help plan team goal-setting meeting at the end of the month. Financial Literacy (which I am teaching) needs to get finalized this week. Husband leaves on Thursday. Supposed to go to an LAPW philanthropic meeting at noon Monday, and an RFL meeting Monday night. Oh, and swing through NSS to send out the statements I stupidly spaced on Friday. Oh, and log a run, preferably more than a simple half hour.


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