Sunday, February 16

Nutrition: Fine. Interestingly, I have been consuming whey protein before/during/after runs, with zero acne effects.

Food Prep: Pork carnitas. BOMB DIG.

Sleep: 9.75 hours in bed, 1030p-815a, 100% quality. I did have to let out the pooches at 5a, of course, but went straight back, and other than that it was totally solid and I was allowed to wake when I woke. A beautiful, welcome wake-up!
Healthy Movement: Lower legs a bit stiff first thing, but went away quickly. Puttered until the run. It didn't go well and I cut it short. I'm ready to throw in the fucking towel on Boston, that's how "well" it went. Finally admitted it was time to change myself from "a runner" to "an athlete" on DailyMile. I very seriously considered what it would be like if I bowed out of Boston. I know it would be a giant enormous weight off my shoulders NOW, but could I accept it, long term? I think it would take me forever to forgive myself such a failure, so I shall keep plugging away. Somehow.
Fun & Play: Sunshine in the AM. Quiet, peaceful time at home.

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